A quote from Steve Jobs - Design is not just what it looks like and feels like

Design is how it works

Anna-Dawn's Design


User Focused Design

Example 1

Large Ecommerce Website Redesign

New B2B Website and Brand Design

Project Responsibilities

User Experience Design and Research

Information Architecture

User Interface Design and Research

Visual Design

The redesign of the company’s USA and Canada websites proved to be an incredible opportunity not only to update the style of the websites, but also to reorganize the information while keeping in mind usability best practices. I worked on a team and was a main contributor to the company’s website re-design. My responsibilities included a wide range of responsibilities such as designing wireframes, writing requirements, restructuring the website’s navigation and more. Both UI and UX best practices are evolving rapidly. As best practices and user’s expectations change, a redesign is sometimes needed. 
When a new subsidiary company started, I contributed to to the initial brand identity design and wireframes for the new website.
Wireframe Example 


Site Structure Redesign and Usability Testing Example



The Company’s First Digital Style Guide

Example 2

Design created in the United Kingdom using Digital Style Guide

UK Design based on the Style Guide

Project Responsibilities

Project Lead


Visual Design

Global Distribution

“The Style Guide is clean and easy-to-navigate, and the guide provides detailed notes for external partners on local executions.” – A quote from an International Associate Brand Manager

Throughout the last 3.5 years, my responsibilities have grown to include –creating 99% of the company’s digital designs for the United States. The designs I create are also at times sent to the international teams to use as a template for their projects.

Because of these responsibilities, I was asked to create the company’s first digital style guide.

After the first digital style guide was distributed globally, the effect of the style guide is apparent in a design created by the United Kingdom team, shown above.



A Sample of Over 1,000 Promotional Designs

Example 3

Banners, A+ Pages, Email Campaigns, and Advertisements in many different styles

User Interface Design

Visual Design

Digital Marketing

Creation of Design Library

One Example

Brand Promotion

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